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ELYSIUM is the latest release from Grammy-award-winning composer, Richard Theisen. 


Beautiful, dramatic, original music.  A wonderful combination of voice, ethereal pads, and epic fantasy vistas.  A very unique collation of musical visions.


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 One of the highly pursued purposes of music is to heal and calm the mind. I found this album doing this in a phenomenal way. In this work, the composer of New Age and Ancient Chant Music uses his music for a spiritual purpose. Listening to these tracks makes you forget your worries and get immersed in your supreme consciousness.

                               Vivek Kumar -New Music Alert


Grammy award winner Richard Theisen has built a successful career in the music business from the studio to the stage.  Currently,  he composes New Age and ancient chant music for his popular youtube channel NRZEN.  Richard's film credits include: "Beverly Hills Cop" as co-writer of the Grammy-winning album cut, "Rock n Roll me Again" performed by The System.


His latest album, Elysium, is original, beautiful, and dramatic music. There are eight tracks in total, playing for around 36 minutes. The unusual combination of vocals, epic fantasy vistas, and ethereal pads make this a stunning production any music lover will fall in love with almost instantly. Let me briefly tell you what to expect in each of these tracks before these songs give a spiritual treat to your being.


 The opening track is a modern rendition of the ancient hymn ‘Hymn to St. John the Baptist’. This chant was believed to bestow powerful spiritual blessings on the subject.   ‘Requiem for Uvalde‘ is a soothing piece of music that talks to the core of your heart sending messages of peace and benedictions. I found the tracks of this album put the listener through a deep mind-calming session. In the process, the audience is sure to discover journeying to some unearthly planes. Paradis, the French name for Paradise is the ultimate opus in the album according to my sensibility. The track reaches stunning levels right from its opening accompanying the listeners to enjoy a heavenly existence far removed from the sufferings of the world. Traveling with the music, you feel more peaceful and serene enjoying a blessed state of mind.

Final Word

Theisen has a serious spiritual purport for this album “Elysium”. This is precisely the reason why he chose to name it after ‘Heaven’. All the way through the album, you feel the conglomeration of peace, joy blessedness, and serenity. I found this one of the most inspiring albums that have enriched my collection. Any listener discovering its far-reaching magical impact is bound to feel the craving to listen to it often whenever calming the mind and tuning it with the higher realms is necessary.

                               Vivek Kumar - New Music Alert

Elysium album videos

Elysium album videos

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