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“Freya’s Tears” by Richard Theisen

Single Review by New Age CD and

New Age Notes Radio Staff 

Who is Freya and why is she crying? In Norse mythology, succinctly put, Freya was a goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, among other things. She was married to a restless, free-spirited god, Odin, the god of summer, who took off one day in pursuit of other interests, taking the warmth of summer with him.  

Even though Freya endlessly searched for Odin, she didn’t find him for a long while. During this time, the heart-broken goddess shed many tears. The centuries-old legend goes that those tears which seeped into the earth became pure gold and those that tumbled into the sea became amber stones.   
Now who is Richard Theisen? Richard is a Grammy®-award winning composer and musician known for his alluring and evocative music. "Freya's Tears," the beautiful new single release from the upcoming album, “Estonia,” which will be released later in 2023, transports listeners to an otherworldly realm of emotion and imagination.  
The composition starts with a delicate and melancholic piano melody line, reminiscent of a gentle rainfall. The soft notes gently fall, very much like tears from the eyes of the goddess, Freya. As the piece progresses, additional instruments join in, layering the sound and creating a rich, textured atmosphere. Lovely strings blend seamlessly with the piano and flutes, creating an atmosphere of depth and complexity, perhaps much like the relationship of Freya and her husband, Odin, twin flames to be sure. 
The use of harmonies and chord progressions in "Freya's Tears" is particularly noteworthy. Richard employs both consonant and dissonant harmonies, creating tension and resolution that mirror the complex and multifaceted nature of the goddess. Throughout the composition, Richard skillfully builds and releases tension to create a sense of emotional intensity. The music ebbs and flows, mirroring the highs and lows of Freya's experiences and emotions. At times, the music swells with passion, reflecting the goddess's powerful and assertive nature. Other moments bring a sense of soft vulnerability and fragility, capturing her gentler and more introspective aspects. The music is both hauntingly beautiful as well as tinged with subtle shades of sadness, equally beautiful in their own way, and perfectly capturing the true complexity of the goddess's character. 
In addition to the instrumentation and harmonies, the composition of "Freya's Tears" also showcases Richard’s mastery of melody. The main themes are memorable and expressive, creating a strong emotional connection with the listener. These melodies are often intertwined, interacting with one another and developing throughout the piece, lending a sense of unity and cohesion to the whole and to the legend. 

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