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richard  theisen

gina theisen

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Richard Theisen is a Grammy®Award-winning composer,
vocalist, and keyboardist, known for his alluring and
emotionally evocative music. His new album, a “New Age”
contemporary instrumental collection, “Estonia,” transports
listeners to an otherworldly realm of emotion and imagination.

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Richard was presented
with a Grammy® Award in 1985 for his contribution to the
“Beverly Hills Cop” soundtrack LP. He was also inducted into
the annual Hall of Fame roster in "Buddy Magazine" as a Texas Tornado.

"In 2019 he released his first New Age and jazz-influenced album, “Mayan Stars,” to rave reviews. A natural segue then, in 2022, as he

and his wife, Gina, started their YouTube channel, NRZen, which is dedicated to providing spiritually oriented audio and video productions.

His second album in the New Age space, “Elysium,” was released in early 2023. This album won the “BestAlbum of the Year” award from New Age Music Planet.

Richard Theisen is a tremendously gifted artist whose musical creations will continue to be enjoyed and treasured by all who hear his aural magic today, tomorrow, and in the centuries to come. His music is available on all the major streaming services worldwide.

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Gina Theisen is a talented video producer who, along with her husband Richard, creates visual content for the popular NRZen YouTube channel.

A Dallas native, she became interested in photography at a young age.  It eventually led to her developing admirable skills in the field of video production.  In 2022 she and Richard initiated their NRZen project, a channel that provides spiritual-oriented aural and visual creations .  Gina’s imaginative visual aids greatly augment her husband’s highly regarded musical compositions.  When required, she also adds her professional voiceovers, as she did on their much-streamed “Teardrops to Rainbows” video.  In all, Gina has manufactured over 100 videos for their joint endeavor, including “Hymn to St. John” that has garnered over a half million views.  Her most recent work can be seen on their beautiful presentation of “Freya’s Tears.”

 The world can look forward to seeing and hearing many more inspiring offerings from the inspiring partnership of Gina and Richard Theisen in the years to come.

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